There is an art in dressing up kids and babies especially for the winter. It is a fact that our little humans lose body heat much more rapidly than an average adult and worst part, they do not know how to articulate that they are feeling cold or they do not even know they are feeling cold. So, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are kept warm at all times.

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It is important to dress the kids up in a manner that they are feeling not too hot and definitely not too cold. This can be achieved by adding layers to the clothing rather than relying on a single piece of warm clothing. The air pockets between the clothing layers help in trapping heat.

Adding layers has another advantage. Kids can remove extra layers whenever they are feeling hot and stuffy and put them on when feeling cold. So, if they are feeling hot after playing outside or dancing at a party, they can simply remove a layer or two, and put it back on when they are cold.

Summer or winter, kids clothing must be functional and comfortable. The clothing must neither irritate their sensitive skin nor contain unnecessary embellishments and accessories that are harmful. The clothing must be easy to wear and remove for the kids, and easy to maintain for the parents. This is the reason why at Ventra, the one-stop shop for kids dresses online in India, we design practical clothes that are skin-friendly with zero harmful chemicals and no unnecessary accessories.

The majority of our collection of kids dresses online for the winter are made from 100% organic cotton fleece and slub jersey fleece that is comfortable and causes zero irritation to the little ones. With so many festivals and celebrations in the winter season, the winter clothing must be colourful, fashionable and festive too. So, our range of winter kids dresses are designed just that way.

With our easy-to-use website, kids and baby dress online shopping in India cannot be more convenient for busy parents. Visit Ventra’s online store now and shop till you drop for trendy and comfortable winter clothing for your little munchkins.