Kids - they do have a unique trait to fall hand in hand with germs and infections which we are determined at any cost to keep away. Let's not add the clothes your kids wear to that list. We at Ventra always work to give out the best to your children with our innovative and wide range of organic kids clothes that will put a smile on you as well as your kids. You can choose from a wide variety of organic cotton clothes that are particularly sensitive to your kid's needs. Your children's skin is delicate, and we mainly ensure that the cotton we use in our dresses are 100% chemical free and is free of irritants that can hamper your child's tissue. Grown naturally on farms across the world that does not use toxic chemicals and pesticides, they also have a very low impact on the earth and the soil. They also significantly improve the ground fertility- thus using the organic fabrics can leave a safer planet for your children. So say yes to organic cotton and be ready to embrace the change - the way your kid dresses. The organic cotton fabric your kid’s wear is not just cotton. It lives and breathes along with you and your child.