“ Mom ! I want a toy similar to this picture”- this is your kid's take when you show him or her a dress

that you are intending to buy. In fact kids choose dresses for themselves based on two criterion- color

and design. It is the parent who worries about cost, fit and the fabric. Understanding what kids love,

the biggest child friendly only apparel dealer Ventra.in has launched some cool patterns in vibrant

colors just to make your child look more beautiful and cherubic. Here are some lovely design patterns

that makes you fall in love with the Ventra.in creations

Laughs and Prints

how about a smiling frog or a jumping panda greeting you with warmth? There are plenty of printed T

shirts for boys and printed frocks for girls that looks uber trendy. For space explorers there are star

boys combination and for robot enthusiasts, there are metal man imprints. Similarly hearts and pinky

balloons dominate the girls collection.

Frills and frocks

Newness comes when the idea is novel and concept is real. Girls frocks that have origami patterns,

Canadian flag prints etc in their prints make your daughter look beach ready. Plus these have halter

necks or front open which makes it easy to wear and stay comfortable.

Pants to Pyjamas

From comfortable half pants to cool full pants, from frocks to pyjamas, Ventra.in presents every kids

costume in a style different from the rest. The choice of colors is every bright; some come in stripes

while some look mesmerizing with floral vibes makes you to just click and buy

Staying atop the chart for kids clothes online India is no easy game and Ventra.in has time and again

proved their mettle with their awesome new collections. Select a roaring dinosaur or a silent robot, a

stunning gown or a night suit in your kids favorite color and keep their happiness ever loaded!