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Photo Booth

Terms & Conditions for the Photo Booth Contest:
  • The last date of submission of the contest will be, as mentioned in the Rules, 20th December 2021. Any photos submitted beyond 12:00 AM midnight will not be taken into consideration for the contest.
  • The pictures should be taken with your Kids wearing Ventra Kidswear.
  • Photos must be uploaded to the Google form, the link of which is provided below as well as in Instagram page bio

  • Only one entry per person and a maximum of 5 photos can be uploaded in the given link, so choose your photos carefully before uploading. Any requests to accommodate further photos will not be entertained.
  • Best photos will be selected by our team based on merit like Creativity, visual appeal and  execution. Please note that if we are not able to find any photos deemed good by our team, there will not be a Winner.
  • Every photo selected by our judging team will be rewarded with ₹ 500 cash prize.
  • If all the 5 photos from a particular person are selected, each photo will be rewarded with  ₹ 500 each, so a total of ₹ 2500 can be won by a single user.
  • Winners will be announced as and when the judging team selects prize-winning photos. The winning entries will also be published on our Instagram Stories by tagging the respective user.
  • Winner will also be contacted through the DM for any further details required by our team.
  • Cash prices will be transferred to the Winners through bank transfer. Our team will contact the winners for their bank details . 
  •  By entering the contest, you are agreeing to let us use your content/photo for our brand’s marketing promotions.
For any questions over the rules of the contest or its terms and conditions, please contact us at